MeetingWhat is Business Mediation?
Mediation is the high-benefit, low-risk option that can be extremely effective in anticipating and resolving business, commercial, employment, personal and other disputes. Mediation is a process that provides for a trained third-party neutral to facilitate communication and negotiation among parties in order to help resolve current and ongoing disputes. By helping parties to change the quality of their conflict interaction from negative and destructive to positive and constructive, the mediator enables the parties to make decisions together, based on an understanding of their own views, the views of the other party and the situation they face.

Mediation is rapidly becoming a very popular and successful form of business dispute resolution. Through the confidential mediation process, individuals in conflict are provided with the opportunity to make better choices in the face of conflict and interpersonal differences, leading to more informed, satisfying and lasting resolutions. Not only can the actual dispute be resolved but mediation offers the opportunity for the participants to overcome misunderstandings and misperceptions and to restore trust and respect in their working relationship. At the same time, the skills applied, developed and learned in mediation can be used by participants to help resolve future disputes, as well.

The most important prerequisite for a successful mediation is the willingness of the parties to resolve the disagreement. Mediation has a statistically high success rate and participants report greater satisfaction with the process and the outcome than in traditional litigation (including arbitration).

As an independent provider of mediation services, Alliance Mediation Services can help provide customized dispute resolution solutions for your specific situation. We assist individuals and businesses in reaching an outcome that meets their specific needs. Our experience and techniques are especially applicable to commercial and workplace issues and business relationships.

We employ an empathic and cost-effective mediation approach to guide parties through the dispute resolution process to produce win/win outcomes. Find out how Alliance Mediation Services can assist you and your organization in overcoming everyday conflicts and obstacles.

Types of Issues That Can Be Mediated
Any dispute can be mediated, including those civil disputes involving contracts, leases, small business ownership, employment and other business issues. Nonviolent criminal matters, such as claims of verbal or other personal harassment, can be successfully mediated, as well.

Although there are hundreds of thousands of laws, many types of common disputes simply do not raise a legal claim that can be taken to court. Disputes between family members, employees or neighbors often are of this nature. Fortunately, mediation is available even when courts are not.

For example, a successful family-owned business may be struggling with the issues that arise as the founder/owner looks to pass on ownership and/or control of the business. There may be varying levels of interest among the family members who believe they are entitled to ownership of the business. Mediation can provide the parties with a safe, non-threatening process that addresses the underlying interests and concerns of the parties and, with their agreement, assists the family in addressing the issues. Clearly, the family is interested in maintaining both the business and the family relationships, both of which could be negatively impacted by protracted adversarial litigation.

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