Private Mediation Process

Civil litigation through the courts in New Jersey consists of tens of thousands of cases a year. The process is time consuming and expensive. Depending on the complexity of the matter, the case can take months, and even years, before it might get to a trial. Nearly all, more than 99%, of civil matters are resolved before the trial. There is an alternative to the costly and time-consuming civil litigation process … mediation.

Mediation is fast becoming the dispute resolution process of choice for many persons and businesses involved in civil/business disputes. After all, even when the matter goes through the New Jersey court’s civil litigation process, the parties are directed to mediation at some point in the process. Parties can avoid the time and expense by considering private commercial mediation with Alliance Mediation Services.

Mediation offers many advantages over the traditional court litigation process:

  • The outcome of the matter is up to the parties, not up to a judge who must abide by what the law says, and not up to a jury. The parties craft their own solution.
  • The outcome is a compromise and one agreed to by the parties. Litigation is inherently adversarial and the outcome may not work well for the individuals or business involved.
  • Parties often work together to create unique solutions and can develop improved communications and ways to better work together in the future.
  • Mediation is less expensive than litigation. Attorney fees, depositions, filings and fees, motion practice, trial preparation and even the eventual trial can all add up to substantial sums of money.
  • Mediation results in faster settlements, as litigation proceeds according to the court’s calendar and as the court rules dictate. This can be months, and even years.
  • The mediation process is confidential and not part of the public record. Individuals and businesses are able to keep their dispute, and the settlement to the issue, private and confidential.
  • Mediation is focused on the future, and not on what went wrong or who is to blame. Working on resolution and looking forward allows business sand individuals to move on past the dispute.

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