Mediation is the better, easier and less expensive way to get a divorce

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Mediation is today’s alternative to a contentious divorce. Going through a divorce can be one of the most significant and stressful events you will face in life. In a divorce, no one wins. Yet you can move through, and eventually beyond, the divorce process and have a choice in how you do so. Replace costly litigation with collaboration and direct negotiation to resolve all necessary issues to peacefully end the marriage.

RaisedHandsMediation is a Different Approach

The contentious adversarial “I win, you lose” system is replaced by a cooperative approach that focuses on developing a plan for your future.

Working with the mediator you and your spouse jointly develop sensible solutions to meet your needs and those of your children, if any – without an expensive legal battle. The mediator assists you and guides you through the process of developing an agreement on all the issues that need to be addressed.


KidsHandHoldingMediation is Easier on Children

Working together in addressing the needs of your children, parents work out a parenting plan that works best for them. Children are not put in the middle. The mediator assists with determining the Child Support obligations of the parents.


ScrabbleMediation Reduces the Stress … and Cost of Divorce

The complicated, and often contentious, issues of Equitable Distribution and Spousal Support (Alimony) are worked out with the assistance of the mediator. You make the decisions that are best for you … and your unique situation.

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