CONSUMER ALERT! Alliance Mediation Services is not in the debt collection business. If you are contacted by a debt collector saying that they are “Alliance Mediation” or “(many other names) Mediation” demanding payment by credit card over the phone, it is a scam and a fraud. You can report such incidents to the Federal Trade Commission at or 202-326-2222.

Divorce & Family Mediation

Divorce can be a very stressful and complicated time.
Many times mediation is the best method for resolving differences.

Business Mediation

Do you have a business dispute?
Are you currently involved in business or commercial litigation?
Find out more about how Alliance Mediation Services can help.

Mediation is a process that provides for trained third-party neutrals to facilitate communication and negotiation among parties in order to help resolve current and ongoing disputes. By helping parties change the quality of their conflict interaction from negative and destructive to positive and constructive, the mediator facilitates the parties to make decisions together, based on an understanding of their own views, the other's views and the situation they face.

Mediation is rapidly becoming a very popular and successful form of dispute resolution. Through the confidential mediation process, individuals in conflict are provided with the opportunity to make better choices in the face of conflict and interpersonal differences, leading to more informed, satisfying and lasting resolutions. Not only can the actual dispute be resolved, but mediation offers the opportunity for the participants to overcome misunderstandings and misperceptions and to restore trust and respect in their working relationship. At the same time, the skills applied, developed and learned in mediation can be used by participants to help resolve future disputes, as well.

The most important prerequisite for a successful mediation is the willingness of the parties to resolve the disagreement. Mediation has a statistically high success rate and participants report greater satisfaction with the process and the outcome than in traditional litigation (including arbitration).

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